Stag weekends

It is a bachelor party usually held for a man who is supposed to enter into a marriage. The friends of the groomsman plan it. Though in rare cases, it is prepared with the help of a planning company.

In the past (19th century), a banquet (a black tie) hosted by the groom’s father included toasts of honor for both the groom and the bride.

Ideas of what to do on a stag weekend

1. A weekend of adventure activities

If the groom and the guests are fanatics of having his adrenaline flowing, this is the perfect choice for the group. You have a wide range of options that range from climbing rocks, rafting, zip-lining to archery.

2. Go for driving and karting expeditions.

You can arrange for your groom to get behind the wheel of any available vehicle, set for an exercise in a streak that is competitive on the race track with a day of karting.

3. Have yourself a road trip.

You can arrange for a map of the route and a rental in local pubs, beaches, or other tourist attractions.

4. Have a golfing weekend

Golfing weekend entails having one’s skills put to the test on most of the beautiful fields. This activity works for all groups and is manageable after having a night out.

5. Camping

Over the years, camping has become increasingly popular among stag party groups. It is a terrific way of having fun as you can share drinks, sleep under the stars in a chilly tent, and partake in an outdoor activity such as hiking.

What to pack for a stag weekend

1. Clothes

If you are to have a formal evening come along in a suit.

2. Shoes

It would be best if you got comfy shoes so as you can be able to compete in some activities also pack some smart shoes because not all clubs allow people in casual ones.

3. Phone and charger

4. Money

5. Weekend plan.

It is essential as it helps know what is happening at a particular time; hence, you may avoid oversleeping.