Stag weekend tips

Stag weekend planning is not difficult so long as you have attended one before, you can also ask from friends or look for ideas online ( There are a lot of tips you need to know so that you can organize a great stag weekend.

Pick the date earlier.

You should pick the date earlier to avoid doing things at a rush, don’t think that you got plenty of time just plan things earlier ( There should be enough time for coordination if you need to book flights and also time for the groom to relax before his big day.


This is another important factor to consider, ensure that the groom knows about it maybe he had other plans for the stag weekend. Ask him about the location he would like the event to take place, don’t forget that this event is meant for him and he needs to have fun and the same as you.

Budget and needs

This should be planned together with the groom, ensure that all the members can afford to join the party. See if all members are okay and if there are those with special needs, the event should favour everyone and not leaving out some people.

Activities to take place.

You should select activities that everyone can participate, remember that you need to have fun, and no one should be left out. Some of the activities you should consider picking are; boozy, most popular activities, zombie survival, Stitch up the stag, and so many other epic stag activities.

It is that simple, but if you are in doubt, you can ask experts dealing with stag party organization they are always ready to help ( They have great experience in this field, and they will not fail you.

There are some small things you should always consider like; places to eat, transport arrangements, check-in and checkout times, stag do games, stag dares and challenges and so many others.